Baby Spa Perth, An Exclusive Infant Spa

Baby Spa Perth, An Exclusive Infant Spa


Baby Spa Perth, An Exclusive Infant Spa


Baby Spa Perth is a newly designed spa located in Perth, Australia based on the idea of Laura Sevenus, a professional swimmer with 40 years’ experience teaching children. The spa is a wonderful wellness center dedicated exclusively to babies under 6 months old.


Babies at the Baby Perth Spa are pampered with moisturizing massages with relaxing oils and are given top quality treatment that allow them to prepare for hydrotherapy. Infants are also given a real swimming lesson with a device called the "bubby", which allows babies to keep their heads out of water while they float freely and happily in specially designed pools.

Baby-Spa-Perth-4Baby-Spa-Perth-5The pools are special tanks filled with purified water with a maintained temperature, which helps produce a therapeutic effect that promotes sleep and reduces some of babies’ typical disorders. It also improves motor coordination and aids with heart and respiratory problems.


Baby Spa Perth is not the first facility to offer this service! It has become an international chain with seats in Spain, South Africa and England as well.