Bohey Dulang, the Island of Wonders

Bohey Dulang, the Island of Wonders

Bohey Dulang Island,Malesia

Bohey Dulang, the Island of Wonders

Bohey Dulang is one of the eight beautiful islands which make up Tun Sakaran Park, a marine park a few miles from the Malaysian coast of Borneo. This island is located in the state of Sabah and spans about 313 hectares. Along with the other seven islands, the Bohey Dulang creates one of the most spectacular lagoons in the Celebes Sea. It is recognized as a real paradise, a unique seabed surrounded by lush vegetation populated by a vast variety of birds and animals.

Just about over 2,000 people live in the entire park and there is only one village of stilt houses on the island of Bohey Dulang. There are no luxurious resorts or hotels, but instead rather spartan accommodation. The inhabitants, mainly nomadic ethnic groups, survive on fishing and tourism ready to discover this extraordinary and beautiful Eden.

The best way to admire the incredible colors of the island is to reach the peak of Bohey Dulang is by climbing to a height of 350 meters which takes about 45 minutes. It is a tiring path but not a difficult one. Once on the top, visitors are met with the breathtaking varied shades of ??the sea, enclosed among green mountains, an area that was once the crater of a volcano.

Bohey Dulang can be reached by organized tour via one of the many local operators. It takes just 45 minutes by boat from Semporna. If you want to visit it, you will need to register, usually included in the price of the trek, but it is always good to ask in advance. Tun Sakaran Park has been defined as the most beautiful atoll in the world, a must see destination for anyone interested in discovering Malaysia.