Cíes Islands, an unspoiled paradise in the heart of Galicia

Cíes Islands, an unspoiled paradise in the heart of Galicia

Cies Islands,Spain

Cíes Islands, an unspoiled paradise in the heart of Galicia

The Cíes Islands, located off the northwestern coast of Spain, represent some of the lesser-known wonders of the Atlantic. This archipelago, mainly composed of the islands of Monteagudo, Illa do Faro, and San Martiño, along with nearby archipelagos like Ons, Sálvora, and Cortegada, are an integral part of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park, a nature reserve since 2002. Known for their white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and extraordinary biodiversity, these islands are a paradise for nature lovers and travelers seeking authentic adventures.

The Cíes Islands are renowned for their fantastic beaches and have gained increasing popularity worldwide. Praia das Rodas on Faro, a 2016 Blue Flag beach, was even included in the prestigious list of the ten most fascinating beaches in the world by The Guardian. Despite modern recognition, the fame of these islands dates back to ancient times when the ancient Romans referred to them with the evocative name of "the islands of the Gods." Each island is home to an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna. Birdwatching enthusiasts will find their promised land here, an enchanted place surrounded by seagulls, flocks of cormorants, and sea eagles. The surrounding waters are rich in marine life, allowing snorkeling and diving enthusiasts to explore an underwater world rich in biodiversity. During low tide, two of the main islands join together, forming a long strip of pure white sand, creating a breathtaking panorama that rivals the famous landscapes of the Caribbean.

Access to the islands is strictly regulated to help preserve their ecosystem. Visitation is limited to 2,200 daily visitors, and the only available accommodation is Camping Islas Cies, an 800-place campsite, where guests can stay for a maximum of one week. To reach this corner of paradise, you can take a ferry from Vigo, in Galicia, a short forty-minute journey that will take you to a world where the beauty and uniqueness of untouched nature remain undisputed protagonists.

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