Gavdos, the Southernmost Island on the European Continent

Gavdos, the Southernmost Island on the European Continent


Gavdos, the Southernmost Island on the European Continent

Gavdos Island is located 43 miles from the southern coast of Crete and is the southernmost inhabited place in Europe. It is the furthest and wildest piece of land in Greece, the last European rock formation that extends over the crystalline waters of the Libyan Sea before reaching the African coast. In the past, Italian navigators called it Gozzo and due to its position, as well as being known for navigation routes to the Near East, it was also used as an exile destination for political persecutions.

Gavdos spans an area of ??just 12 square miles and has very few inhabitants, but is full of wonderful beaches lapped by a splendid sea. Each beach has a different feature and considering the small size of the island it is possible to visit them all in just a few days. The beaches of Korfos, Lakoudi, Pyrgos, Lavrakas, Agios Ioannis and Sarakiniko are all made up of golden sand and smooth pebbles. Potamos is enclosed between two slices of rock reaching out to the sea. The small Stavrolimni is famous for the presence of a clay used as mud. And finally, Tripiti with its large bay is surrounded by three rocky arches, where there is the great celebratory chair that indicates the southernmost point of the European continent.

The island is the favorite destination of off the beaten track travelers, hikers and campers who prefer being immersed in nature and who love to sleep outdoors under a starry sky. Gavdos can be reached by sea in about 4 or 5 hours by boat, starting from the ports of Paleochora or from that of Sfakia, off the southern coast of Crete. The ships depart every day and make several stops, making them quite slow. There is a fast ferry from Sfakia and depending on sea conditions it arrives in Gavdos in just one hour. Once you have landed on this paradise island, you can stay in small and modest structures, and also eat fresh catch of the day in typical Greek taverns. A public bus connects the port with all the villages and the main beaches, and the inhabitants are friendly and always ready to give you all the information you need to discover every precious corner of this wonderful island.