Hidden Beach, Mexico’s Secret Beach
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Hidden Beach, Mexico’s Secret Beach

Hidden Beach,Messico

Hidden Beach, Mexico’s Secret Beach

Located on the beautiful uninhabited islands west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a dream beach known as Hidden Beach or Playa del Amor. It is just along the archipelago of the Marieta Islands, and is known as a small paradise of white sand bathed by crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This secret beach is hidden inside an ancient volcanic crater and is completely invisible from the outside. It is accessible only by sea and can be reached only by small canoes, by swimming or by tunnel located between ocean and the rock, leaving a narrow space of 6 meters during low tide.

Its formation is said to the result of intense volcanic activity that over the millennia has formed the entire archipelago. It seems to have occurred due to the explosion of a bomb. In the early twentieth century these islands were deserted and subject to various military exercises by the Mexican government. The opening is also attributed to an explosion, which now gives life to this unique underground tower.

Today Hidden Beach is part of the Marieta Islands National Park and is protected by the government against fishing, hunting and human activity. It is a protected heritage site thanks to the intervention of a group of scientists led by the explorer Jacques Cousteau who in 1960 led a protest to convince the Mexican authorities to cease all practices harmful to the immense natural wealth of these islands.

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