Ice Jewels of Hokkaido

Ice Jewels of Hokkaido

Jewelry Ice,Giappone

Ice Jewels of Hokkaido

Jewelry-Ice-Hokkaido-1The stunning ice jewels can be found on the lovely Japanese island of Hokkaido, more precisely along the mouth of Tokachi River. The jewels are formed every winter, between January and early February, when temperatures reach freezing point and the river water freezes over meeting the breaking waves of the sea on which breaks the ice. These fragments are washed up on shore and smooth them over, turning them into beautiful crystals.

Jewelry-Ice-HokkaidoThis “ice jewelry" is a formation of fresh water that owes its purity to the lack of salt and slow freezing times. This phenomenon allows air bubbles and any other impurities to escape from the blocks, making them shiny and transparent like diamonds.

Jewelry-Ice-HokkaidoIn a New York Times article, physicist Peter Wadhams of the University of Cambridge stated that the shine of these stones approaches the ice of the Chilean fjords and inlets of the Alaskan plateau, but none have the same molecular composition. It is therefore a rarity and yet another "natural wonder" from our extraordinary planet.


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