Krzywy Domek, the extravagant “crooked house” of Sopot
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Krzywy Domek, the extravagant “crooked house” of Sopot

Krzywy Domek,Polonia

Krzywy Domek, the extravagant “crooked house” of Sopot

Krzywy Domek, translated as "crooked house" or "drunk house", is the name of the bizarre building that stands right in the center of the city of Sopot, Poland. It is an out of the ordinary building, a surreal creation with curved and irregular lines that seem to take on an ever-changing springy shape. The house, which “appears” reflected in a gigantic distorted mirror, is not the result of an optical illusion, but rests on solid foundations and was built thanks to the innovative artistry of architects Szotynscy and Zaleski.

The two architects were inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of the Polish artist Jan Marcin Szancer and the poet Per Dahlberg, completing construction in 2004, which immediately after the inauguration was nicknamed the Crooked House. This house, defined as a masterpiece of housing construction, measures approximately 4,000 square meters and is home to residential dwellings as well as the Rezydent shopping center, bars, restaurants and prestigious offices for some of the most well known businesses in the country.

Krzywy Domek is known among the strangest buildings in the world by the Village of Joy portal and is certainly one of the most particular buildings in Europe. It has become a point of reference for the inhabitants of the city and is a must see attraction for thousands of tourists eager to immortalize themselves in a photo with the background of this architectural magic. Photos are especially beautiful at night, when the lighting makes its extravagant shape even more suggestive.

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