Nautilus House, the Spectacular Shell-Shaped House
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Nautilus House, the Spectacular Shell-Shaped House

Nautilus House,Messico

Nautilus House, the Spectacular Shell-Shaped House

Nautilus-House-MessicoLocated in Naucalpan, just near Mexico City, the Nautilus House is a unique home thanks to its shell shape. Designed by architect Javier Senosia to satisfy the imagination of a young family, eager to escape the metropolitan chaos, the house is a beautiful example of bio-architecture.

Nautilus-House-MessicoThe house lies in the middle of beautiful greenery which is almost completely uncontaminated and uses cutting-edge technology to create comforts and impeccable details. Perfectly integrated into nature and built with almost completely with eco-sustainable materials, it embodies the shape of the Nautilus shell, a typical local mollusk.

Nautilus-House-MessicoThe interior of the Nautilus House is complete with rooms, a relaxation area and a beautiful grass path that serves as a guide in various environments. Its windows allow for the natural light of the sun filter through its many colors, giving it a unique and spectacular rainbow lighting effect. And thanks to two special vent ducts, the house remains perfectly ventilated in all seasons at a temperature that is always pleasant and constant. This dream home is the extraordinary demonstration that combining technology and respect for nature is always possible.


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