The Erawan Falls, Thailand's fairytale destination

The Erawan Falls, Thailand's fairytale destination

The Erawan Falls,Thailand

The Erawan Falls, Thailand's fairytale destination

Erawan Falls are part of the Erawan National Park, a protected area of 210 square miles located in the western part of Thailand, just in the province of Kanchanaburi, a three-hour drive from Bangkok. Within this splendid oasis lies a lush jungle protected by mountains that limit the entrance of the eastern monsoons, along with magnificent waterfalls that give life to seven natural pools of fresh and crystalline water.

The Erawan Waterfall, generated by the Mong Lai and Omtala Springs is famous for its 7 jumps that cross a lush vegetation inhabited by gibbons, macaques and beautiful birds. These seven different levels consist of splendid pools connected to each other by mile-long paths, offering the opportunity to dive and slide among smooth limestone rocks. The highest level is quite steep and challenging to reach. It represents Hundu mythology’s three-headed elephant and offers a breathtaking panoramic view. The third and fourth levels are easily reachable and ideal for indulging in refreshing long swims. The first features a waterfall that plunges into a magnificent blue lake, while the second is the point where the river has created natural slides. Another peculiarity of these waters is represented by the presence of small fish that feed off the skins of feet! These little fish are tireless and ready to perform the ultimate natural pedicure, transforming these pools into small spas.

The Erawan nature complex was established in 1975 and is one of the 110 most popular national parks in Thailand, considered among the most beautiful in all of Asia by most tourists who visit it. This extraordinary paradise reaches an altitude ranging from 195 to 995 meters and changes landscape according to the altitude, opening the view to ever-changing and fascinating panoramas. Of course, the main attraction remains these magnificent waterfalls, an unmissable destination and not to be overlooked when visiting this wonderful country.

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