The Giants of Sila, the Centuries-Old Forest of Calabria

The Giants of Sila, the Centuries-Old Forest of Calabria

The Giants of Sila,Italy

The Giants of Sila, the Centuries-Old Forest of Calabria

The Reserve of the Giants of Sila, located in the province of Cosenza, is a natural gem characterized by breathtaking landscapes and a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Established in 1987, this reserve unfolds at an average altitude of 1420 meters and represents a biodiversity oasis with vegetation dominated by the majestic Calabrian Black Pine, known as Pino Laricio. It is a true monumental forest, composed of 53 centuries-old trees reaching an average age of 350 years, with specimens reaching heights of up to 45 meters and diameters of almost 2 meters. Wandering the path through the forest is a journey into a magical dimension where history, nature, and legends intertwine.

The Reserve of the Giants of Sila, also known as the Fallistro Nature Reserve from the name of the locality where it is located, traces its roots back to the 17th century when the Mollo Barons, noble landowners, embarked on an ambitious planting project. The result is the monumental forest that now constitutes the last testimony of the ancient Sila forest, known to the Romans as Silvia Brutia. This site holds great historical significance, serving as the guardian of a centuries-old tree heritage. In addition to the imposing presence of the Calabrian Black Pines, the reserve hosts a variety of unique flora and fauna. Its high altitude contributes to the formation of particular ecosystems, making it a place of great interest for scholars and nature enthusiasts alike.

Since 2016, the Giants of Sila have been a Protected Natural Biogenetic Reserve entrusted to FAI (Italian Environmental Fund, in Italian Fondo per Ambiente Italiano) to ensure the protection and enhancement of this marvelous centuries-old forest. Preservation is the key. Dead trees, known as Pinosauri and Necromass, are not removed or destroyed but are left intact to ensure the biodiversity of the site and support the survival of insects and various bird species living in the region. The reserve's fauna includes the Southern Black Squirrel, distinctive for its black fur and white chest, along with the common Green Woodpecker and the rare Greater Spotted Woodpecker, all part of an ecosystem thriving thanks to the untouched dead trees. The delicate balance and conservation status of this place represent the living testimony of the history and beauty of Sila, a true open-air museum where nature tells its story through centuries-old works. Official Website: Giganti della Sila

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