The Umngot River, a place where boats seem to float in the void

The Umngot River, a place where boats seem to float in the void

Umngot River,India

The Umngot River, a place where boats seem to float in the void

The Umngot River, also known as the Dawki River, is located in the north-eastern region of the State of Meghalaya. Its incredibly transparent and crystalline waters are surrounded by green hills, making it a magical and breathtaking ladnscape. The river flows through the picturesque town of Dawki, located near the border of Bangladesh. It has become an increasingly popular tourist destinatio thanks to its emerald waters and sandy bottom that is visible even from great depths.

The river waters are considered among the cleanest in Asia, allowing visitors to clearly see any submerged point, a transparency that appears almost unreal. In addition to its visual beauty, the Umngot River also has a regional cultural and social role. It is often used as a meeting point for local celebrations and festivities, but above all it used by fishermen as an essential link between the surrounding communities. The villages along its banks bear witness to the daily lives of people who depend on the river's resources for their livelihood.

One of the ways to explore the Umngot River is through "snake boats", colorful rowing boats typical of the area. This allows you to have a complete panoramic view of the aquatic world below to admire the rocks, pebbles and native fish species. The variety of shades of seasonal blue and green adds a touch of magic to this wonder, so much so as to create real optical effects that make the boats seem to float in the void.

Growing tourism has led to environmental challenges. Sustainable tourism management has become an urgent concern to preserve the purity of the waters of the Umngot River. It is important that visitors respect the surrounding environment to avoid pollution and contribute to the maintenance of the river ecosystem.

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