Tree of Life, the Immortal Tree of Kalaloch
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Tree of Life, the Immortal Tree of Kalaloch

Tree of Life,Kalaloch Beach

Tree of Life, the Immortal Tree of Kalaloch

The extraordinary Tree of Life is located on Kalaloch Beach, a beautiful coastal stretch along the Olympic National Park, Washington State’s national park. It is a real monument to life and resilience, and known as a stunning example of tenacity and invincible desire to live. It continues to stand and produce new leaves and shoots even in the face of adversity.

This incredible fir tree continues to cling to the ground, displaying its vitality even though its roots are now completely uncovered by the slow erosion of the underlying soil which is caused by the incessant flow of a small stream that flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The tree has been nicknamed “Tree of Life”, but has various other names such as "Tree of Miracles", "Tree on the Run" or "The Tree Cave". This Sitka spruce is part of the Pinaceae family, known for its fine wood used to create musical instruments, the rigging of sailing ships as well as wooden parts of commercial aircrafts.

Today, the immortal Kalaloch Tree has become a tourist attraction to eager onlookers curious to witness the spectacular survival magic that has continued for decades. It is not known how long this giant tree will remain alive, but we all support it to the end!