Tunnelbana, the beautiful Stockholm subway
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Tunnelbana, the beautiful Stockholm subway

Stockholm subway,Svezia

Tunnelbana, the beautiful Stockholm subway

Metro-Stoccolma-Svezia-1Tunnelbana, which literally translates as the street that passes through the tunnel, is located in Sweden’s capital city of Stockholm. The 70 miles of galleries and stops are incredibly decorated and because of this, are often considered one of the longest art galleries in world.

Metro-Stoccolma-Svezia-2The Tunnelbana currently consists of 3 subway lines and 110 stations - 90 of these stations feature art exhibits such as sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations, engravings and reliefs of over 150 artists. Each subway stop is characterized by a unique artistic design of its kind, and transports its visitors into a magical world of “underground” art and culture.

Metro-Stoccolma-Svezia-3The first subway line in this Swedish capital was inaugurated in 1950, and the first station was turned into a “gallery” in 1957. Some of the more famous artistic stops include the Kungsträdgården Station, which houses an archaeological excavation of ancient Roman columns, the Sona Centrum Station, and the T-Centralen Station where hundreds of tiles from the 1950’s are found.

Metro-Stoccolma-Svezia-4Each trip inside this metro station offers a cultural discovery based on the principle of “unity” which is typical of northern cities and their philosophy, in an attempt to make every corner of the city as livable and pleasant as possible - even the darkest of underground areas.


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