Fairy Circles, The Mystery of the Fairy Circles in Namibia

Fairy Circles, The Mystery of the Fairy Circles in Namibia

Namib Desert,Namibia

Fairy Circles, The Mystery of the Fairy Circles in Namibia


The Fairy Circles are large circular formations without vegetation, surrounded by grass rings covering a vast area of the Namib Desert, the harshest and most ancient area of Namibia.

The size of these odd structures varies from 3 to 20 meters in diameter and can survive for 70 years. A natural phenomenon that for decades has inspired experts.


Over the years many there have been many theories to explain its origins, but none have been able to give a precise answer. The first hypothesis on the presence of the Fairy Circles is meant that these formations are the work of termites, eating away at the grass from its roots. The second was attributed to native herbs that, in one of the most inhospitable environments on earth, would have reached very refined levels of self-organization.


Recently, thanks to a group of researchers from the universities of Princeton and Strathclyde, whose published work has been published in the Nature Journal, a solution may have been found. It seems the cause would be to look into both phenomena.

Termite colonies which nourish on the roots of plants that grow above their nests compete by destroying surface vegetation. Biologists explain that some plants would be able to overwhelm others, spreading their long roots and depriving them of water, and thus causing circular formation of these circles. The published results demonstrate the close collaboration between termites and vegetation to ensure mutual survival.


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