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Faroe Islands: The Untouched Archipelago in the Heart of the Atlantic

Isole Faroe,Danimarca

Excursionist, content creator and travel influencer, Pietro Ienca transcends the ordinary passion for travel on his many adventures which evoke intense emotion. Born in 1995, the influencer has a combined 40,000 followers on his personal Instagram profile and the Trip in Your Shoes blog founded along with Luigi Chiurchi. Ienca visited the Faroe Islands with his indispensable “travel companions” - the Vibram Five Fingers, which accompany him throughout all his extraordinary adventures around the world.

The sub-Arctic Archipelago is composed of eighteen volcanic islands located between Iceland and Norway and is known as a natural paradise with a population of 50,000. It is rich in dreamlike landscapes and fishing villages which call for a bit of a challenging hilly trek when it comes to adverse weather. But it is well worth it to taste the local delicacies of meat and fish, as well as homemade sweets made with plum or rhubarb jam.

From birdwatching on the island of Mykines, trekking in the Tórshavn Mountains to visiting the Bøsdalafossur Waterfalls - the Faroe Islands offer untouched natural views: surmounted by the high cliff of Leitisvatn which creates the extraordinary optical illusion of a lake falling into the ocean . Ienca documents everything through exciting “stories” and posts and has immortalized the breathtaking views as seen from the village of Gásadalur on the Faroe Islands. Nestled just between two hills, Gásadalur overlooks the sea from the top of a waterfall, perfect for admiring the tranquility and natural beauty of the village below.

Among the must-see locations in the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn and Kirkjubøur are the main players. Tórshavn is the smallest capital in the world, and is home to over one third of the population, where Ienca participated in an extraordinary local food event. Kirkjubøur is a small village that hides among the ruins one of the oldest churches of all time - the Cathedral of San Magnus.

Pietro Ienca submersed himself in the Faroe Islands in all their wild complexity, respecting the environment and promoting sustainable tourism. Backpack securely fastened and Vibram FiveFingers on his feet, the travel influencer has crossed hills and mountains discovering the cultural traditions of the Faroe Islands and living in close contact with nature. "Experiencing the Faroe Islands with the Vibram FiveFingers was an experience that allowed me to come into close contact with the territory. Using the Vibram FiveFingers goes beyond the practical use, and creates a special connection with me and the places I travel". The bond with the earth, the extraordinary posts and the fascinating stories of Pietro Ienca show us the Faroe Islands in all their wild beauty. A natural paradise and a MyBestPlace perfect for an adventure full of timeless memories and emotions.

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Pietro Ienca

Born in 1995 in Santa Margherita Ligure in Liguria, Pietro Ienca graduated in Environmental Humanities and along with Luigi Chiurchi, founded the blog Trip in Your Shoes. Passionate for photography, hiking and geography, travel influencer Pietro Ienca creates content for major brands, international organizations and TV programs.