Kjeragbolten, the majestic boulder wedged in a crevasse

Kjeragbolten, the majestic boulder wedged in a crevasse


Kjeragbolten, the majestic boulder wedged in a crevasse

Kjeragbolten, also known as"Kjerag boulder" or "bolt", is the famous rock formation wedged in the Kjerag Mountain crevasse in Rogaland, a county located in southwestern Norway. This large wedge-shaped boulder is suspended a thousand meters above the Lysefjorden fjord, a block of 5 cubic meters of stone which has been perfectly blocked between two cliffs for over 50,000 years.

The site, now famous among travelers from all over the world, can be defined as an ancient glacial deposit, a fortuitous geological phenomenon originating from rising sea levels caused by the continuous melting of glaciers. Over time the water has submerged the fjords, bringing out the boulder that has since been trapped in its bizarre current position. Despite its apparently precarious aspect, the rock is perfectly stable and does not represent any danger of collapse. However there have been tragic accidents caused by unexpected gusts of wind and accidental feelings of dizziness. Visitors who are looking for the perfect photo opportunity from the rock must be prepared to approach the void, taking into account the very little space available to stand.

The Boulder of Kjeragbolten is a beloved destination for all thrill seekers. It is a perfect place for many "base jumpers" who use it as a launching pad for their reckless flights. The imposing boulder can be reached from Stavanger in the direction of Lyseboth, then continue along a path consisting of 27 hairpin bends from which to start another walk of almost 6 miles. This path requires a rather demanding physical commitment, but is well worth it as it offers one of the most spectacular and adrenaline-pumping views in Norway.

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