La Mortella, the enchanted garden of Ischia

La Mortella, the enchanted garden of Ischia

Gardens of Mortella,Italy

La Mortella, the enchanted garden of Ischia

Giardini La Mortella is one of the hidden treasures of the island of Ischia and represents an extraordinary work that blends the art of gardening with a passion for music. Located on the promontory of Zaro in the municipality of Forio d’Ischia, it is one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe and one of the most appreciated attractions for nature lovers. The gardens owe their existence to the vision of Lady Susana Walton, the Argentine wife of the famous British composer Sir William Walton. In 1956, the couple purchased a rocky and uninhabitable plot on the island and decided to transform it into a verdant paradise, a retreat where nature and music could coexist in perfect harmony.

The name "La Mortella" comes from a potentially poisonous plant abundantly present in the area, but the gardens themselves are anything but lethal. Over the years, the landscape has been shaped into a fascinating variety of terraces, paths, ponds, and fountains, enriched by an extraordinary collection of exotic and rare plants from every corner of the earth. The project was challenging and required years of work, but eventually, thanks in part to the collaboration of the renowned landscape designer Russel Page, in 1991, Giardini La Mortella opened to the public. Sir Walton passed away in 1983, but his creative spirit and passion for music and nature live on through these extraordinary green oases.

Giardini La Mortella is divided into different thematic areas, each characterized by a specific plant collection. Among the species present are tropical plants, cacti, orchids, palms, and many more. The focal point of the gardens is the "Valle dei Suoni" (Valley of Sounds), an open-air amphitheater surrounded by trees and shrubs. This space, designed to host concerts and musical performances, regularly welcomes cultural events, art exhibitions, and workshops related to the botanical world. An initiative aimed at engaging the local community and nature, art, and music enthusiasts. Visiting this place is a unique experience that delights the senses and nourishes the soul, a small paradise that continues to grow through the foundation's commitment to environmental conservation since 2003. For information about visitin: Giardini La Mortella.

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