Navagio, the Zakynthos shipwreck beach

Navagio, the Zakynthos shipwreck beach

Navagio Beach,Greece

Navagio, the Zakynthos shipwreck beach

Navagio, known as the "Shipwreck Beach", is not only the most spectacular beach on the island of Zakynthos, but also known as one of the most beautiful in Greece and the Mediterranean. This small bay, set between high and white cliffs bathed by a turquoise sea, owes its name to the remains of a large boat that lies right in the center of the beach. This is the wreck of the Panagiotis motor ship, a ship with a noble past that unfortunately, in its last years, fell into the hands of cigarette smugglers. In October 1980, in order to escape Greek authority checks, it was run aground into shallow water of this magnificent inlet, remaining forever trapped in the shining pebble sand of the beach.

Navagio, which in Greek means shipwreck, thanks also to the presence of the wreck that helped make it famous all over the world, is certainly the most visited beach in Zakynthos. It is a place of extraordinary beauty, once known as the inlet of San Giorgio delle Rocce, a monastery overlooking the high rock cliff, from which it takes its name. The color of the water is spectacular and ranges from a strong blue to turquoise due to the presence of sulfur caves located around the beach. The thermal springs are capable of releasing large quantities of sulfur during rising tide.

The Piaggia del Naufragio can be admired from above on a panoramic walkway with a terrace overlooking the bay. It is a spectacular observation point is located close to the cliffs and consist of a paved road that starts from the villages of Volimes and Anafonitria. The bay can only be reached by sea, by small rental boats or by booking one of the many daily taxi-boat tours departing from Porto Vromi. It is suggested to inquire in advance about the weather conditions, considering that often and especially in the afternoon the sea tends to be turbulent and boat ride schedules may be affected by this.

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