Sarakiniko, The Wonderful Beach from the Lunar Landscape

Sarakiniko, The Wonderful Beach from the Lunar Landscape


Sarakiniko, The Wonderful Beach from the Lunar Landscape

In the northwestern part of the island of Milos, just on the coastal road east of Adamas, you will find the most photographed landscape in the Aegean - the Sarakiniko. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, and certainly the most particular, it is the ideal place for anyone who enjoys a more surreal natural environment.


The salt water erosion and maltemi, which is the famous breeze that blows here has had its effects on the limestone rocks, which over time have been naturally shaped into geological formations of the most unusual shapes.

Caves, craters, pinnacles and a blinding whiteness which is stunning in contrast to the total absence of vegetation, typical of the Cyclades islands, and the turquoise of the surrounding water have created a truly magical setting in Sarakiniko. This gives visitors the impression of being on the moon!


Erosion has also created a small, beautiful beach, dedicated to the candor and crystal clear sea. Despite the strong influx of tourists, Sarakiniko has remained completely intact and the landscape remains unspoiled, in fact the beach is not equipped with sunbeds, kiosks, bars or restaurants.


A surreal place, capable of giving anyone strong emotions even at night, when they are surrounded by just the moon and stars to light up the entire bay.

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