The White Whale, San Filippo’s Waterfall Thermal Baths

The White Whale, San Filippo’s Waterfall Thermal Baths

The White Whale,Italia

The White Whale, San Filippo’s Waterfall Thermal Baths

La-Balena-Bianca-Terme-San-FilippoLocated in Tuscany, in the splendid area of Baths of San Filippo, lie thermal baths right in the heart of the beautiful Val d'Orcia. These limestone formations create a waterfall, commonly called La Balena Bianca, the White Whale due to its strong resemblance to the mouth of a whale.

La-Balena-Bianca-Terme-San-FilippoThis wonderful spa town is considered among the most beautiful springs in all of Italy, located in the province of Siena near Mount Amiata. It is located at an altitude of 500 meters just along the River Fosso Bianco. Its sulphurous waters are rich in carbonate and descend into the valley forming white limestone deposits that create some of the most spectacular formations.

La-Balena-Bianca-Terme-San-FilippoThe White Whale is considered the most famous limestone monument of the Baths of San Filippo with warm waters that flow from the surrounding area and water temperatures of about 118°F. The springs form natural pools that allow you to swim in any season, most especially in winter.

La-Balena-Bianca-Terme-San-FilippoThe Baths of San Filippo are not a modern creation. They have been used since Etruscan and Roman times thanks to the healing properties of its waters. They are located in a wonderfully scenic area and is considered a favorite among holiday travelers who want to benefit from the healing powers of the waters.


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