National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC's arrival of Spring

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC's arrival of Spring

National Cherry Blossom Festival,Washington DC

National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC's arrival of Spring

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is the magnificent event that celebrates the arrival of Spring in Washington DC, a holiday eagerly anticipated not only by capital city residents, but by all Americans and nature lovers from all over the world. Along the Potomac, between parks and avenues and around the most famous monuments of the city lie over 3000 cherry trees which become one of the most beautiful blooms on the planet. This romantic and seductive show need not envy their famous counterpart explosions in Japan.

This event takes place every year in peak cherry blossom season, and was born to commemorate the anniversary of friendship between the United States and Japan. It was 1912 when the mayor of Tokyo donated these trees to the city of Washington to establish collaboration and mutual aid between the two countries. The cherry trees were planted by the First Lady and the wife of the Japanese ambassador along the river bank and since then, they have colored the most impressive capital streets in the world pink.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival once lasted just a few days, and now takes place over a month and welcomes more than 1.5 million visitors. The festival begins in mid-March and ends the second week of April and promotes performances dedicated to the arts and cultures belonging to both countries. It’s an unmissable event with Spring to celebrate the enchantment and beauty of the rebirth of nature.

Most events are open to the public and totally free, but for any information regarding the initiatives, programs and dates of the various performances, you can visit the official website of the National Cherry Blossom Festival .

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