Bada Valley, the forest of mysterious buried megaliths
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Bada Valley, the forest of mysterious buried megaliths

Bada Valley,Indonesia

Bada Valley, the forest of mysterious buried megaliths

The Bada Valley, also known as Napu Valley, is located on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, within the Lore Lindu National Park, a territory that covers an area of ??about 842 sqm. The park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the rarity of its wildlife and unique plant species in the world. It also boasts the presence of over 400 granite megaliths completely enveloped in mystery.

These incredible statues, some of which are almost entirely buried and others which are almost covered by grass, can reach a height anywhere from a few centimeters to 4 meters. Their origin is totally unknown and some scientists hypothesize that they date back to a period between 5,000 BC and 1,400 AD. They were discovered in 1908 and extensive archaeological research has been done on them, yet little is known about them. While about 30 statues take on human features resembling the Moai of Easter Island, other sculptures take different form and function.

The scientific community has still not succeeded in explaining the origin and purpose of these granite sculptures. Their cataloging began only in 2001 and someone links them to ancient tribal cults belonging to an unknown civilization. Other mysteries around them is the material and tools used to create them, and the fact that the stone of the monoliths is not found anywhere on the island which means it must have been transported. Another mystery is that no construction tooks or remains of human settlements have ever been found in the surrounding area.

Are the megaliths of Bada Valley simply testimony of a nameless civilization? As new answers are uncovered, we continue to protect these beautiful stone giants from harm. Since the last census of 2005, at least 60 statues have disappeared from the site and are suspected to have been sold to unscrupulous European and US collectors.

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