Laguna Roja, A Natural Wonder Enveloped by Mystery

Laguna Roja, A Natural Wonder Enveloped by Mystery

Laguna Roja,Cile

Laguna Roja, A Natural Wonder Enveloped by Mystery

Laguna-Roja-CileThe Laguna Roja is an extraordinary lagoon with blood-red colored waters which lies in a desolate territory just north of Chile between the Andes Mountains at an altitude of 3700 meters. This lagoon is well guarded by the Aymara civilization who are quite possessive of it, which has made the Laguna Roja totally unknown to the rest of the world, that is until 2009

Laguna-Roja-Cile-2Laguna Roja waters have not been entirely studied but it is known that they can reach temperatures of 122°F. The depth of this mysterious lagoon is still unknown. According to biologists, it is believed that the blood-red color is attributed to sediment of certain types of algae which dissolve in the waters when they cannot withstand certain temperatures.

Laguna-Roja-Cile-3This mirror of waters is surrounded by old legends about obscure and supernatural forces, cursed stories of sacrificial offerings. All mysterious misfortunes considered, Laguna Rossa remains a sacred place for its inhabitants, a place to be respected and honored for its traditional beliefs.


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