The largest swimming pool in the world

The largest swimming pool in the world

Piscina San Alfonso del Mar,Cile

The largest swimming pool in the world

Located just over 55 miles from Santiago de Chile, the San Alfonso del Mar Resort, an immense hotel complex in Algarrobo, boasts largest swimming pool in the world, an immense turquoise beauty. The swimming pool spans over a mile in length and has a volume of 250 million liters of water. It covers an area of ??about 8 hectares, even reaching a depth of 35 meters.

The swimming pool, called La Laguna, is separated from the ocean by a small beach and body of water, and is maintained at a constant temperature of 26°C, directly filtered by the sea. Equipped with waterfalls and artificial currents, it can be reached by sail boat and is suitable for any type of water sport such as surfing and diving. At the center of the pool there is also a splendid crystal pyramid, mini regattas and offshore races.

Designed by Crystal Lagoons Corporation and completed in 2006, the pool became part of the Guinness Book of World Records in December 2008. A gigantic engineering work that cost well over a billion dollars and an annual maintenance cost of 2 million dollars. The swimming pool of the San Alfonso del Mar Resort is certainly one of the largest attractions in the area, an endless pool capable of attracting the curiosity of thousands of tourists from all over the world.

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