Narrow House, the World's Slimmest Home
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Narrow House, the World's Slimmest Home

Narrow House,France

Narrow House, the World's Slimmest Home

In the heart of Normandy, precisely in the French commune of Le Havre, stands an extraordinary tourist attraction that has captured the world's attention. Its name is Narrow House, declared "the narrowest house in the world." An artistic masterpiece by Erwin Wurm, a unique and quirky installation that has transformed Claude Érignac Square into a pilgrimage site for art and travel enthusiasts. Its dimensions, surprisingly reduced to 7x13x16 meters, have reshaped the appearance of the urban center, standing out as a work of art with extraordinary and unusual uniqueness.

Open to the public since June 24, 2022, Narrow House has become a must-visit for those traveling in Normandy, offering an original perspective on the convergence of art, architecture, and living space. The installation is not just an external visual spectacle; visitors can explore the interiors, experiencing a unique dialogue with the narrow spaces and extravagant furnishings conceived by Erwin Wurm. The artist behind this extraordinary creation, has produced over the years various models of Narrow House, each inspired by his childhood home and all adjusted to the right proportions to fit the reduced width of the structure.

The house is accessible, but getting lost inside is undoubtedly an experience that challenges perception: objects and furnishings appear compressed, almost beyond the boundaries of reality. Progressing gradually through the surreal and visionary rooms and spaces, until reaching a point where access is finally denied, intensifies the feeling of claustrophobia and prompts the visitor to seek refuge towards the exit door. A true artistic provocation that invites visitors to look beyond conventions, explore new dimensions, and question the relationship between our environment and our life experience.

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