Idiom, the book tower of the Prague library
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Idiom, the book tower of the Prague library

Idiom,Repubblica Ceca

Idiom, the book tower of the Prague library

Idiom is the name of the beautiful art installation found at Prague’s Municipal Library. It is a cylindrical tower made up of an enormous number of books which, thanks to a teardrop-shaped opening placed on one side of the installation and a magnificent optical effect created by two mirrors placed inside, manages to create the sensation of diving into an infinite vortex. This irresistible rainbow of colors is able to capture the senses of every visitor, even those not so passionate about reading.

Idiom was created by Slovak artist Matej Kren, famous for creating giant environments made exclusively of books. Among these we find the house of books called "Book Call Project" located in the Center of Modern Art in Lisbon. Another creation of his is called "Passage", which is a wall of book volumes installed in the Gallery of the city of Bratislava. The Idiom installation, before finding its permanent home at the entrance to the Prague library in 1998, was exhibited at the 1995 São Paulo International Biennial.

This splendid work, located in one of the most modern libraries in Europe, attracts tourists from all over the world. The proximity to the Staromestska metro station, the Astronomical Clock and the Dancing house make it a must see destination of Prague. It is an exciting experience which allows visitors to experience the singular sensation of being enveloped in a spiral of boundless knowledge.

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