Hoia Baciu, Haunted Forest of Mystery in Transylvania
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Hoia Baciu, Haunted Forest of Mystery in Transylvania

Hoia Forest,Romania

Hoia Baciu, Haunted Forest of Mystery in Transylvania


The Hoia Baciu Forest located on the outskirts of Cluj Napoca, on the northern border of Romania. It spans across 250 hectares of Transylvania and is considered one of the most haunted places on the planet because of strange paranormal phenomena that is consistently reported.

Hoia-Baciu-Forest-RomaniaThe Hoia Baciu Forest is often referred to as the "Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania" as it is said to be inhabited by the devil in person, by ghosts and perhaps even aliens. The forest gained notoriety around the 1960s, when biologist Alexandru Sift photographed a flying object in the sky above the forest. After this incident, other inexplicable events soon followed, including the disappearance of a shepherd and his 200 sheep which were never found again; and the disappearance of a five-year-old girl who later reappeared five years later wearing the same clothes and without having aged even one day. A woman also disappeared after a long time with a fifteenth-century coin in his pocket; and the case of a missing woman having reappeared in the forest with a 15th century coin in her pocket.
There have also been many first-hand reports form people who have entered the forest, only to come out with burns, severe rashes, headaches and high fever which they did not have before. Some studies have revealed higher than usual radioactivity, produced by natural uranium present in the subsoil.

Hoia-Baciu-Forest-RomaniaEven the Hoia Baciu Forest trees themselves hold an enigma, as these two-hundred-year-old trees seem to be young, and most of them are twisted at the trunk or unusual in shape. Most of the paranormal activity seems to be concentrated in a particular part of the forest which is free of vegetation and formed into a perfect circle. The soil of this vegetation-free area has been tested and no anomalies were found that would prevent the growth of any plant life.

Hoia-Baciu-Forest-Romania-4All this reported strange phenomena, coupled with the numerous photographic testimonies of extraterrestrial lights and mysterious spheres appearing within the forest have contributed in making the Hoia Baciu Forest one of the best-documented paranormal sites in the world. Science is not yet able to explain the source of this strange phenomena and are still waiting for answers, but speculation continues as to whether this forest is a portal to another world or to a parallel, unknown universe!

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