Sun Cruise Resort, A Cruise Ship on Top of a Hill
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Sun Cruise Resort, A Cruise Ship on Top of a Hill

Sun Cruise Resort,Corea del Sud

Sun Cruise Resort, A Cruise Ship on Top of a Hill

The Sun Cruise Resort is a massive cruise ship perched atop the Jeongdongjin clifftop along the wonderful coastal region of South Korea. It is one of the most luxurious and famous hotels in Asia and is an actual ship built by a shipyard and equipped with every comfort - cabins and portholes overlooking the breathtaking panorama of the Gulf of Donghe.

The entire structure is 165 meters long and 45 meters high, weighing 30 thousand tons and offering 211 rooms with options for Luxury and Junior suites, all with large windows that open onto the sea. Inside the hotel there are 6 restaurants, a night club, a revolving lounge and large meeting rooms, including many other services including karaoke and a splendid swimming pool with sea water.

The Sun Cruise was inaugurated in 2002 and is considered the first luxury mainland cruise ship. The hotel is not surrounded by sea but instead is surrounded by a park full of beautiful gardens, with an additional and unique restaurant inside an ancient galleon positioned on the rocks in front of the beach.
This truly exclusive and out of the ordinary place is perfect for visitors who want the experience of a cruise to live the experience, with sea breezes included, without ever leaving the dock.
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