Glowworm Caves, caves illuminated like by thousands of insects
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Glowworm Caves, caves illuminated like by thousands of insects

Waitomo Glowworm Caves,Nuova Zelanda

Glowworm Caves, caves illuminated like by thousands of insects

Waitomo-Glowworm-CavesThere is an extraordinary underground world that lives within Waitomo Caves, located on the Northern Island of New Zealand. It is an intricate and immense cave network which is illuminated by a whole population of small glowing insects - very similar to fireflies. These small creatures have transformed these dark caves into a picturesque scene resembling a starry sky.

Waitomo-Glowworm-CavesThese glowing insect species are called Arachnocampa luminosa, but are known by the name of “titiwai”. They are as big as mosquitoes and belong to a species belonging to the order of the ditteri, whose larvae are fed by a sticky liquid. In order to attract their prey, they produce intense light that can range from emerald green to intense blue which has a magical effect similar to that of a starry sky – one that no artificial illumination would ever be able to properly recreate.

Waitomo-Glowworm-CavesThere are about 400 Waitomo Glowworms Caves, literally known as the "Waitomo Glowworm Caves" and they consist of massive limestone walls mixed with fossil fragments of coral, shells, fish and many other smaller organisms which live among the enormous stalactites, stalagmites and small underground lakes. This area was explored for the first time in 1887 by a Maori chief and an English explorer and still today, this area remains one of the most famous places in the country which is home to this insect. It has become a popular attraction for modern day visitors and a romance theme has been created around these shimmering insects, offering romantic boat tours illuminated only by the glow of fireflies.


The Glowworm Caves are not only known for their enchanting ambiance which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, but the caves are also renowned for their perfect acoustics, often setting the scene for famous lyric performances and concerts.

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