Ruyi Bridge, the Dizzying Wave in the Clouds
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Ruyi Bridge, the Dizzying Wave in the Clouds

Ruyi Bridge ,Cina

Ruyi Bridge, the Dizzying Wave in the Clouds

The Ruyi Bridge is an incredible attraction recently inaugurated in eastern China - a thrilling bridge built at an altitude of 140 meters on the scenic landscape that crosses one of the gorges of the Shenxianju valley, in the province of Zhejiang. This incredible modern wonder is 100 meters long and takes its inspiration from the sinuous shape of a "Ruyi", an object of oriental tradition, a symbol of happiness and good omen.

The peculiarity that differentiates the Ruyi Bridge from the other Tibetan bridges lies in the uniqueness of its structure - it is a two-storey intertwining bridge with three wave-like walkways, mostly built in transparent glass. This futuristic design is seamlessly weaved into the breathtaking context of the “Shenxianju National Park” and is stunning. The bridge was designed by architect He Yunchang, famous for having worked on the famous Bird's Nest, the Beijing National Stadium.

The bridge was inaugurated in September 2020 and in a very short time it became a very coveted point of interest, immediately becoming one of the main attractions of the area. The incredible scenic effect of this wonderful engineering masterpiece has managed to attract over 200,000 tourists - all fearless and courageous visitors ready to take dizzying heights to live the thrilling experience of being suspended in a void among the clouds.

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